Cathedral Station (a.k.a. The Old Fritz) to open in May

Fritz BostonThe people behind Cathedral Station shared their first press release today. In the release they acknowledge that rumors have been circulating for the past few weeks, but they wanted to confirm that Cathedral Station, a Sports Bar that caters to the LGBT community and neighborhood will be opening at 1222 Washington St in Boston’s South End in May.

It went on to also confirm that the bar will be under the direction of Larry Basile and William (Billy) Svetz, the former GM of Fritz.  Other familiar faces from Fritz will include Gary Staples and Joe McGowan.  The bar will open following some upgrades being made to the property including an entertainment area with pool table and dart boards. Look for a new Facebook page in the coming days.

7 responses to “Cathedral Station (a.k.a. The Old Fritz) to open in May

  1. Great News! And it hash
    Parking in the back!


  2. This is great news! I’ve only been in the neighborhood for 4 or 5 years, but that Red Fez spot always seemed underutilized…pretty lackluster inside, no promotion of their patio, and crappy service. It also seemed to attract an undesirable crowd every time I was in there. And the first time I went, the menu they had online had drinks for $3-$4 cheaper than their in house menu — minor oversight, maybe, but annoying nonetheless.

    Let’s hope this new spot brings something new to the neighborhood!


  3. Wow this dump is opening again just under a new name. The staff there was the worse you could find anywhere and I see they’re not upgrading that. Who doesn’t love a place where you get ignored at a bar when you want to hand over your money for a drink.


    • I can’t speak for the Fez as I hadn’t been there in years, but I always liked the Fritz staff who are coming to this new space. I’m not sure what / how much remodeling will take place, but I’m happy to actually have a gay bar with outdoor space and parking; can’t think of any bars in downtown that can claim they have either. I think it will be well received by the LGBT community and will be a welcome addition to my neighborhood.


    • Well, you can always walk out :


  4. Wonderful news! Thanks, BosGuy. You made my day.


  5. These days it is wonderful to see a new establishment dedicated to us.

    There is the gentrification issue of neighborhoods. It is good and not so good at the same time.

    And I am old enough to reference that every hotel bar is a gay bar 😉

    Let us all live and let live.



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