Restaurant review: Benoit NY

Benoit NYCOn my most recent trip to NYC I had the opportunity to enjoy a dinner at Benoit NY.  While I’ll admit this Midtown brasserie is charming, and I enjoyed my meal, Jules Bistro in the East Village remains my favorite casual French restaurant in Manhattan.

Benoit NYCLocated on 55th Street between 5th and 6th Ave, Benoit has a cozy bar as you enter from the street.  The dining room (as shown above) is colorful with splashes of red, yellow and honey stained wood.  The menu is divided into appetizers and main plate with the first ranging in price from $12-$26 and latter ranging in price from $25-$41.

Warm bread is served upon being seated – I wish this was done everywhere. I’ve never been one to shun carbs and happily helped myself while I waited for my drink to arrive.  I started my meal with a basic mixed green salad and opted to try the restaurant’s “French Classic of the Month”, Boeuf bourginon for $29 for my main plate.

Benoit NYCI barely noticed the salad while I chatted with my colleagues, but the same can’t be said for the boeuf bourginon.  The beef was so tender I think I could have cut the meat with a spoon. This classic French dish was also accompanied by pearl onions, carrots, mushrooms and pomme puree.  There was hardly a trace of any of it when our server cleared our plates.  Sadly as much as I would have enjoyed dessert, I was too full to enjoy anymore, but I left satisfied.

Benoit NYCDinner reservations are recommended for Benoit NY at 646.943.7373.

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3 responses to “Restaurant review: Benoit NY

  1. Philippe makes a great effort – but the restaurant is too touristy and does not honor the cassoulet fare from which he comes from.

    Not pedestrian, but a very manufactured experience that is mostly rushed service.


  2. Have you been to La Grenouille at 3 E. 52nd st. It is the last great French resturant left in New York The Food is sublime and the service and decor are beyond compare. This is New York as it used to be. Lutece closed then Lespinasse leaving only Grenouile. There are similar places in Paris of course but you owe it to yourself to go there. Le Veau d’Or in the East 60s. Wonderful simple French food. Nothing has changed since I was a boy. An older crowd now but a must place to go….Many years ago Boston had Joseph’s on Newberry St.



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