What Boston neighborhood should you live

Boston MapLast week The Boston Globe created a highly unscientific but still fun survey to take that then suggests the neighborhood best suited to your personality.  Surprisingly, I got Beacon Hill.  I had thought I might be more likely to get the Leather District, Fort Point Channel or Seaport (if not my actual n’hood – The South End). While I do like Beacon Hill, I’m not inclined to spend time on the Boston Common or dine on Charles Street, as the response suggests.  Bored at work? Give the survey a try.

4 responses to “What Boston neighborhood should you live

  1. I also bot Back Bay and live in the South End. WTF. Somebody’s got their wires crossed.


  2. wickedgayblog

    I did live their for a couple of years but most of my years were in the South End. (Shocking!)


  3. wickedgayblog

    I got Back Bay lol



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