Thrillist 21 things you need to know about Boston

20140416-111037.jpgLast week Thrillist compiled a list of things everyone needs to know about my hometown, Boston. A lot of these lists, while often humorous, miss the mark, but I’m giving Thrillist high marks for humor and accuracy.

Are you from the area or have you lived in Boston? Curious about visiting Boston? Check out this funny but true collection of 21 things you need to know about Boston.

Some of my personal favorites from the list include:
5. “Wicked pissah” means “really good” Accents aside, the local lexicon has lots of peppah. If you need a water fountain, ask for a bubbler (or bubblah). We also put jimmies (NOT sprinkles) on our ice cream, and buy booze at a packie. See my past posts explaining this here, here and here.

11. The cab situation is abysmal You won’t get one when you need one. You will be treated like a pariah if you call dispatch. You can’t hail a Boston cab in Cambridge, or a Cambridge cab in Boston (Dumbest. Thing. Ever.) My tip: load a car service app like uber or lyft to avoid those nasty taxi dispatchers.

17. The street system defies geometry and human logic It looks like the work of a 5yr-old using a broken Spirograph. Every street is one way in the opposite direction you need to go. Just walk and forget driving. My tip: walk, get a Charlie card (Boston’s metro card) or use the bike sharing program, Hubway. If those suggestions aren’t practical re-read my tip regarding cabs; do not rent a car you will regret it.

You can read the full list here.

One response to “Thrillist 21 things you need to know about Boston

  1. Driving I sort of kind of know may way around the Back Bay area. But that’s the extent. Anyplace else I’ve gone in Boston has been on the T.



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