Bridj: First of its kind pop up shuttle service

bridj logoHave you heard of Bridj?  Earlier this month The Boston Globe referred to it in their article as a first-of-its-kind “pop-up” bus service. Whatever you call it bridj is scheduled to begin trial runs in May with at least 4 nonstop commuter routes in Brookline, Boston, and Cambridge (see image below).  If successful, plans include adding up to 18 routes in the next three months to help commuters get around town.

Initial Bridj Routes

Initial Bridj Routes

Bridj trips start at $5 – $8 so they are more expensive than MBTA but the fact that rides come equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, leather seats and complimentary snacks seems to appeal to the more than 3,200 who have signed up for the service. Matthew George, a 23-year old Middlebury College graduate and founder, says that by harnessing data available he can accurately predict areas of peak demand and adjust his schedules on the fly to meet demand.

 If you are intrigued you can learn more on their website,, and like them on their Facebook page here.

One response to “Bridj: First of its kind pop up shuttle service

  1. I know when I worked in Needham I used to take the commuter into Back Bay, then down to the Green line out to Needham. From there a pricey ($40 per week) shuttle got me there. So this sounds like it might be a winner.



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