New England summah: Ptown and Ogunquit


SOURCE: Photo of Officer Jeff by Dan McKeon, Provinceown, MA

Spring came to New England late this year and will be over in just a couple of weeks when we celebrate Memorial Day Weekend.  In the span of the next two weeks nearly every commencement ceremony in Boston will have taken place; Harvard isn’t til May 29.

Aside from the college students skipping town, Bostonians will head for the coast each weekend. While guys go everywhere, most of the LGBT community looks to Provincetown, MA and or Ogunquit, ME.

Sergio and I have plans to visit both this summer and I’m looking forward to what other spur of the moment trips to the coast manifest.


MacMillan Wharf Provincetown

Be sure to let me know about any parties or large events happening in Provincetown and Ogunquit.  I’ll be happy to do my best to help spread the word.  Additionally if you are coming to the region and have questions on places to stay, where to go, etc… feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to be your “gay” concierge.  Look for more posts about Provincetown and Ogunquit in the coming weeks.

3 responses to “New England summah: Ptown and Ogunquit

  1. You can check on many guest houses “last minute availability” at, then call the guest house and inquire. Many will be happy to waive their usual minimums if you call on Friday or Saturday afternoon and ask nicely. From their perspective filling that room unexpectedly for one or two nights is far better than it sitting empty!


  2. People (like me) are always looking for last minute, less expensive accommodations, especially those that don’t require a 3-4 night minimum. Do they even exist in Ptown? Resources always welcome.



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