Do you like short shorts?

men's fashion short shortsIs this a lame attempt to feign interest in fashion or just another excuse to post photos of handsome men on my blog? I’ll let you make that call.

Last week The Boston Globe was commenting on David Colman’s WSJ fashion article about how men’s shorts seem to be getting shorter.  The subtitle reads, Long for so long, men’s shorts are showing up in a range of inseams – from short to shorter to shortest.

I dress fairly conservatively so it isn’t likely that I’ll be wearing anything similar to the shorts I first wore back in the ’80s, but I’m more than happy to encourage other guys (esp the guy below) to follow the trend.

gay, men's fashion

By comparison these don’t seem all that short so maybe I’ll wear these.michael bastian fashion

5 responses to “Do you like short shorts?

  1. 3 inch inseam is good for swim trunks. Street shorts probably should not be shorter than 5 inch inseam, though as previously stated those look better on shorter guys. And in any case, if you want to go above the knee you’d best not be skipping leg day at the gym!


  2. I dress “fairly traditionally,” too, so I have eschewed the long board shorts or long shorts so long favored. And if you have a great body, why not show it off? Puritanical American sensibilities…Ugh!!!! 😦


  3. Short length depends mainly on height. I’m over 6 feet tall, so I would look ridiculous in short shorts. I prefer shorts that hit right above the knee. I think short shorts are sexy, on guys under 6 feet.


  4. I, too, remember growing up in the 70s and wearing OP brand shorts which were completely modest at the time, but would be thought of as ‘short’ shorts by today’s standards. Shorts below the knee are rather counter-productive in my opinion. Just above the knee seems reasonably modest. ‘Booty’ shorts have their place, which is likely not on a public street.


  5. I’ll admit that they do look sort of hot on guys. In fact I recall the 1970’s where these were sported pretty much everywhere.

    The whole modesty thing is ridiculous.



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