DIY Fitness: November Project

I first wrote about the November Project in early 2013.  Started by Brogan Graham and Bojan Mnadaric, they have created a grassroots fitness movement that provides everyone an affordable alternative to gym memberships by hosting free early morning workouts three times a week in Boston.  Over the past year, the November Project has spread to 17 cities.  Their message is clear:  Fitness should be fun, it is better with a team and all you need to do is show up.

While it might be a tough sell to get up early in the morning during the bitter winter months for some outdoor training, now that the weather is more agreeable (at least in theory) perhaps you’d like to learn more about this very social group that champions personal responsibility for one’s fitness and health.  More about The November Project – including times and locations of their workouts – can be found here,

BTW – The next workout is tomorrow. Set your alarm clock. Details here.


3 responses to “DIY Fitness: November Project

  1. A friend sent me this article. I went to the UOFA and ran the stairs there. It was a hot morning but it was a great workout. I will continue to follow this blog.


  2. Next workout is actually Friday at the hills? I think this was posted a day later than intended? Also, we added New Orleans and Chicago! 17 cities!



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