Showtime bringing back Queer As Folk episodes

Showtime QAFSet your DVRs: In honor of gay pride month, Showtime is bringing back all five seasons of Queer as Folk and the complete six seasons of The L Word and Showtime Anytime beginning this summer. Back-to-back episodes of both series will air weeknights at 8 p.m., starting tomorrow, June 2 through June 30, and then exclusively on Thursday nights from July 3 through Nov. 13.

I remember first hearing about the original series in the U.K. and eagerly awaiting this show after Showtime announced they would produce an American version of the storyline.  One year Sergio and I ended up doing a Boston AIDS Walk & Run with actor Scott Lowell who played the buttoned down, conservative friend, “Ted”. We use to have QAF parties since we were one of the few friends who had Showtime. I remember those years and the series fondly.

2 responses to “Showtime bringing back Queer As Folk episodes

  1. I know I am in a very small minority when I say this, but: “QAF” the most annoyingly shallow and pathetic piece of gay-oriented entertainment ever produced. Give me “Looking” any day.


  2. I Loved, Loved, Loved that series… It was part of my ‘coming out’ process. So glad to hear that Queer as Folk is making a return! Thx for sharing.



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