Realm health and fitness tips from Kyle

Realm health and fitness tips from KyleFarmers Markets make for a good day

I recently took a trip to the local farmer’s market and walked away with a lot more than just groceries. It was great to get outside and walk through the market. My skin was warmed by sunshine and the place smelled of fresh vegetables, roasted nuts, and flowers.  I interacted with vendors and discussed the origin of the foods they were selling, which as we are slowly learning is very important (Grass-fed vs. Corn-fed Beef; Farmed Fish vs Wild-caught Fish).

I was not tempted by microwave dinners or ice cream, but was presented with food as nature intended. I ended up walking away with more and spent less than I do at the grocery store, with this robust feeling of well-being that isn’t possible under fluorescent lights.  Find your local farmer’s market here: Boston Area Farmer’s Markets.

Kyle at Realm FitnessKyle is a nationally certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and lifestyle motivator out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been training for 5 years and has experience working with top-tier celebrity and executive clientele. When he’s not in the gym, Kyle is reading philosophy or writing poetry.


2 responses to “Realm health and fitness tips from Kyle

  1. Is there anyone like Kyle locally? And what exactly is a lifestyle motivator?


    • Hey Jim,

      I did not personally coin the term “life style motivator” but I believe it can be interpreted simply as someone who professionally holds people accountable, and motivates them to make the life style changes necessary for a healthy happy life. My clients pay me to train them in the gym, but I also do all the research and stay up to date on everything that falls under the blanket term “fitness” so they don’t have to.

      I am a personal trainer. There are many people like me locally but not all are created equal and passion is what separates the good from the bad. Word of mouth would be a great way to find someone to help if you feel like you could benefit from the services they offer, but a quick google search would also be sufficient.

      Thanks for the questions!



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