2014 National gay blood drive

National Gay Blood DriveDid you know the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) bans gay & bisexual men from donating blood? On July 11th a nationwide blood drive will take place to bring attention to the ban and hopefully help save lives.

Sign the petition by clicking on the link below

Tell HHS & FDA to end the ban against Gay & Bisexual male donors

Participating Gay/Bisexual men who bring an eligible donor or ally come to donate blood in Boston will also be asked to fill out a message to the FDA and sign a White House Petition to end this pointless ban.  The goal in Boston is to fill every blood donation appointment on Friday, July 11th, to help meet the White House Petition goal of 100,000 signatures gathered from across the US.

WHEN: Friday, July 11th,  10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
WHERE:  Boston City Hall Plaza – Hearing Room 801

Like Boston’s Gay Blood Drive Facebook Page

One response to “2014 National gay blood drive

  1. I’ve been waiting for this forever but won’t be around Boston. I’m off in search of more information…



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