Tuesday Bear Week: Sims and Hot Sauce

Bear Week is in full swing and while there is plenty to do here are two suggestions you may want to consider on Tuesday.

Pennsylvania State Rep, Brian SimsBy Day: Meet and hang out with the incredibly handsome Pennsylvania State Representative, Brian Sims who is hosting Afternoon of Beer and Bears from 2-4pm Details here, www.sims4pa-ptown.com.

I would be eternally grateful for anyone who can spot Brian shirtless and get a photo of him. Gawd knows I’ve scoured the Internet for such a photo but to no avail. Here are some favorite photos of Brian Sims.

Provincetown Bear WeekBy Night: Hot Sauce debut party in Provincetown at the Boatslip starts at 9PM.

The party features Rich Morel and DJ/host partner Bob Mould as well as Roddy Bottum of the bands Faith No More and Imperial Teen.

Bear Week registrants only pay $5 cover.


3 responses to “Tuesday Bear Week: Sims and Hot Sauce

  1. What does his t-shirt stand for?


  2. How about BosGuy hosting a meet Brian Sims event in Boston sometime soon?



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