Lusting after Brian Sims

Pennsylvania State Rep, Brian SimsNot only do I think Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims is damn sexy, but I also agree with his politics – which in a strange way makes him even more sexy (incidentally didn’t even know that was possible).

So imagine my frustration when I Googled “Shirtless Brian Sims” hoping to feature him as this week’s Furry Friday (he MUST have a hairy chest) and nothing came up?!? Where is the justice?  Has Brian never been photographed without his shirt? I think Pennsylvanians should immediately pass a law mandating Brian should be photographed shirtless.  Until that time you’ll have to satisfy your more base desires with these devastatingly handsome photos of this progressive, out and proud State Rep. whom I hope we will eventually see on the national platform.

Pennsylvania State Rep, Brian SimsPennsylvania State Rep, Brian SimsPennsylvania State Rep, Brian Sims

P.S. Brian… Like the song says, “Please come to Boston” or better yet, Provincetown this summah.

10 responses to “Lusting after Brian Sims

  1. If you live in Pennsylvania, you are darn lucky to have the chance to see the most handsome man, Brian Simms. Wish he would post a picture showing his chest hair ( I am sure he has chest hair)! If by chance he doesn’t, he his still so very hot!


  2. This is so funny. I have such a crush on this guy – not only to-die-for handsome but SMART. So I Googled “Brian Sims Shirtless” – and got this article. Where is the justice? And, yes, he MUST have a hairy chest.

    Phillie, you win the prize: You have the handsomest politician in America, gay or straight.


  3. I couldn’t be prouder that Brian Sims is my State Representative. Aside from being impossibly gorgeous, he’s been the most effective State Rep my district has had in decades. He replaced, against all odds, a career politician who had become complacent & ineffective. I have had the opportunity to talk with Brian on a few occasions: he makes himself available, in person, to his constituents, on a regular basis, and at least monthly at public forums. He’s very intelligent, compassionate, and already has quite an impressive legislative resume that addresses not only equality issues (he’s been effective in obtaining previously impossible broad bipartisan support in PA’s tough conservative House), but issues that effect or benefit all citizens, as well. Yes, he’s become popular as eye candy, but to those of us in his district, gay or straight, he’s a source of newfound pride here in Philadelphia. A true man-of-the-people, and a perfect example of how a politician should represent their constituents.


  4. Well, hello there! YUM!


  5. He certainly is sexy! Did you contact his office to ask if he’d like to be a Furry Friday? It’s not a crime to be gay or shirtless.



  6. He is a tremendous example of living life to the fullest. He is from Centre City Philly. He “came out” at the age of 22 – both parents were totally military. The best response to his coming out (I personally hate that classification / term) was his dad who told a reporter, “So what?” “…are you so interested… need a date? I can make that happen.”


  7. I think he’s super-handsome/sexy too, and have a future post planned about him.


  8. Until she talks, A voice that could cut glass.


    • Marcus –
      That seems really disrespectful and does you more a disservice than you might realize. I’ve included an interview he took part in this past summer to let others decide for themselves. I’d be more than happy to hear this voice; esp since his voice is being used to make such a big difference for the LGBT community in PA.


  9. Why doesn’t someone sponsor Brian to come to Boston to give a talk on whatever he wants to talk about….



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