Can we please turn off their microphones

Conservative CommentatorsThere are a number of conservative commentators who continue to receive a fair amount of mainstream (and left-leaning) media attention, virtually every time they open their mouth and I’m left scratching my head to wonder why. Their views are documented, no longer shocking and frankly uninteresting.

Shy of them saying they believe in science, nothing they say is either surprising or newsworthy anymore so don’t pretend it is and stop giving them the attention they crave. It is annoying.

I firmly believe that if they were no longer given air time (aside from that already provided on their talk radio shows and other conservative outlets like FOX News) they would quickly fade into obscurity. Whatever they once were, they are now essentially ratings whores looking for attention and saying whatever they think might create outrage and get them on major news networks. So can we just stop talking about them – that goes especially for left-leaning sites like MSNBC, Huffington Post, etc…

Thank you

3 responses to “Can we please turn off their microphones

  1. Amen, amen, amen! I might mention that plenty of gay sites also give these people a lot of space. Yes, I realize we need to know what our enemies are saying and doing, but when all they say and do is what they have always said and done, I think we are already informed. You can be sure that they have some underpaid staff member who checks daily to see how often the boss is mentioned online, and we just play into their egos by keeping them front and center.


  2. Completely agree.


  3. Stephen Baumbach

    Hello Rob, I had to write you personally to say BRAVO! It’s about time someone said this. The media in general has turned into this attention getting child that over reports the news with flambouyant drama and their own opinion. Keep the pressure on!




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