An American in Havana

travel, gay travel, caribbean, old cars, antique carsCuba is approximately 90 miles south of Florida in the Caribbean Sea but the commercial, economic and financial embargo our country has imposed since October 1960 has placed Cuba in a time warp that makes it a unique place for anyone to visit.

As long as I’ve been alive the US embargo has been in place and while it has slowed the pace of change, it hasn’t halted it entirely.  It is amazing to visit a large international city without a single American fast food chain, coffee shop, bank or retail outlet.  In spite of this young gay men and women can be spotted wearing the latest fashion from the US and Europe.

In the posts below I share my experience, visiting this unique destination for the first time, writing about life in Cuba, the gorgeous architecture, Old Havana, the food and of course the cars.

Blog posts from this series:
Post 1: An American in Havana
Post 2: An American in Havana: The Cuban people
Post 3: An American in Havana: The architecture
Post 4: An American in Havana: Old Havana
Post 5: An American in Havana: The food
Post 6: An American in Havana: The cars


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