An American in Havana: The cars

travel, gay travelI have written a few posts about my recent trip to Havana, Cuba, but it would seem odd not to dedicate a post to the cars you see all over Havana.  While not every car is a 1950s American automobile, there are truly more than you would believe.

gay travel, travel, carCars in Havana fall into one of three categories; vintage American cars, old Russian cars that stick out like a sore thumb (like the one above), and newer cars from Asia and to a lesser extent Europe. The vintage American cars are truly a sight to see and while some look like they are held together by electrical tape, glue and a prayer, many appear to be in great condition. Below I’ve included some of my favorite pictures of the cars of Havana.

gay, gay travel, car

Check out the newer car in the background. Not every car is from the 1950s.

gay travel, travel, car

This vintage Ford taxi was outside the Hotel Nacional de Cuba (Definitely put this place on your list to see when you visit Havana.)

travel, gay travel, car

I felt like I saw this exact model in the Indiana Jones movies. 

taxi, gay travel, travel, car

Havana taxis lined up in front of Cuba’s Capitol Building (which happens to look a lot like a building we have in DC).

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One response to “An American in Havana: The cars

  1. The card were definitely a highlight in Cuba….I don’t think you would see such a thing in any other part of the world…..



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