Stonewall opens tonight

Stonewall Movie 2015STONEWALL is a drama about a fictional young man caught up during the 1969 Stonewall Riots.

The movie has created a lot of discussion in the LGBTQ community, including talks of a boycott.   The criticisms center around the film’s decision to remove several key roles of queer women of color and in particular a black transwoman who played a significant role in the real Stonewall riots.  Other leaders within the LGBTQ community, like Larry Kramer, have said that the fact the movie has been made is something to be proud of and to support.  Do you have plans to see this film which opens tonight?

2 responses to “Stonewall opens tonight

  1. It looks really good, I am going to see it.


  2. This film is not a documentary; its a fictional story based on real events. It is not uncommon for filmmakers to add/delete characters from historical events for the purpose of telling a story in a film. Want the facts? Read a book. Want to be entertained? Go to the movies. That’s my 2 cents.



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