Boston’s newer parks: Now and then

Boston before the Big Dig

Boston before the Big Dig

Curbed Boston had an interesting post this week, Boston’s Newer Parks: Now and Then.  The image above shows Boston’s elevated expressway; the predecessor to our now submerged expressway (a.k.a. The Big Dig) that modernized the North / South route and reconnected downtown neighborhoods that had been separated by the imposing, noisy and dirty expressway.

Big Dig, Rose Kennedy Greenway

The Rose Kennedy Greenway replaced traffic and pollution with parks

The Big Dig may still be the butt of many jokes regarding cost overruns and delays, but everyone I know agrees the city is much better and more beautiful because of the Big Dig. What was once a hulking mass of steel with too many exits and terrible traffic has given way to beautiful parks and space for the public to enjoy. I give the city a lot of credit for reserving this space for the public.

The Curbed Boston article has more images like this that you can view here.


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