politics, Cher, Hillary Clinton, ProvincetownPerhaps you heard the collective gasp followed by a squeal of delight when it was announced that Hillary Clinton would return to Provincetown for another fundraiser, this time alongside pop icon Cher. Hillary’s fundraising stop with Cher is scheduled for August 21st from 1-3PM. If you have a boatload of money to donate you can see her but at the time I was writing this post the minimum donation available to get a ticket was $2,700.  This makes me still #FeelTheBern but like Sarah Silverman said it is time to stop being ridiculous.

Cher and Hillary ClintonCher has been incredibly vocal about her dislike of Donald Trump repeatedly using the  icon to refer to the Republican Presidential nominee and calling him a con-man. Actually she has used much stronger language, but I’ll leave that to your imagination. Her denunciations led to a rather creative take on Clinton’s campaign slogan and a website created by a fan of both Hillary and Cher.



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