The Pass starring Russell Tovey

LGBT filmFor all you Russell Tovey fans who miss seeing him on HBO’s Looking there is a new movie coming out where he plays a closeted gay footballer (that’s soccer for all of us here in the States). The film, The Passs, co-stars the very handsome Arinzé Kene.

The film takes on the story of a closeted player in three segments, one taking place every five years in the player’s life, as he grows from a teenager to an athlete  in the Champions League. Check out the new movie trailer.

I hope Boston’s gay film festival a.k.a., Wicked Queer Film Festival, March 30 – April 9, will include this in their line up.

2 responses to “The Pass starring Russell Tovey

  1. I cannot wait for this movie. Any idea when it will play Boston?


    • Unclear but you can ask the Boston LGBT Film Festival (a.k.a. Wicked Queer Film festival) organizers if it will be in their lineup next March; also the Kendall may have information if you reach out to them.



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