Girl Power: Hillary, Michelle and Elizabeth

elizabeth-warrenAnyone else find it interesting that in this election, with the exception of Barack, the men have faltered, fumbled or failed at taking on Donald Trump? It has been women like Hillary, Michelle and my US Senator, Elizabeth Warren, who have stood up to the orange-tinged bully, Donald Trump.

Hillary has done far better than the 15 men who joined Donald Trump on the debate stage earlier this year and she has gone toe-to-toe with him on the campaign trail – never flinching.  Additionally, Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC followed by last week’s speech in NH struck a nerve; in less than a week the abbreviated clip I shared has nearly 3 million views.

I’m particularly proud that these three women have not shied, bowed or cowered in the face of Trump’s withering personal attacks and his misogynistic, pussy-grabbing advocating surrogates comments, that seek to discredit women by hurling insults about their weight or looks. #ImWithHer.


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