Why I think America is getting better with age

rural-americaOne of the virtues of Donald Trump’s campaign is that it has brought the spotlight to a group of Americans who have been ignored by politicians.

This group of disenfranchised, who mostly live in rural America feel that the country is not as great as it once was, but the reason I’m writing this post is to point out that equally large parts of the United States have flourished over the past eight years.  For example, my partner, Sergio, went from being unemployed to starting his own business; this last quarter proved to be his busiest ever. I too have seen my salary rise and our future seems more sure footed and stable than it did eight years ago.  More impressively, the United States emerged from a global economic slowdown faster than most of the world. Those points don’t diminish the needs or the worries of those left disaffected, but it is worth noting.

Supreme court ruling on birth controlIn addition to the economic news, something else has happened over the past eight years that transcends economics. We had the first sitting President who said gay and lesbians deserved to be treated equally; essentially expanding the civil rights movement beyond race and gender. At the same time a light was shed on racial inequalities in a way that it had not previously. Do you think that the Black Lives Matter movement would have the same impact if we didn’t have a sitting Black President? I don’t take this to be a coincidence and should Hillary Clinton be elected, one should expect (and hope) that issues surrounding women’s rights will enjoy similar prominence.

Perhaps it is for these reasons that I think America is already pretty great and more importantly getting better with each passing year.

One response to “Why I think America is getting better with age

  1. Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is really a slap in the face to those who’ve worked hard for the progress made in the last 8 years. But he’s so self-centered and self-absorbed he doesn’t see this.

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