Send a message to Speaker Ryan

paul-ryanAre you disheartened by the election results from earlier this month? If so, here is a way for you and your friends (because you should share this if you really are upset) to express your dissatisfaction and help send a message to Paul Ryan.

My friend and neighbor, David, who is far more diligent than me and whom I trust completely, shared that Speaker Ryan’s office is conducting a survey, hoping they can show there is a people’s mandate for repealing the Affordable Care Act – a.k.a. Obamacare.

You and your friends can help send Speaker Ryan quite a different message and it will take you less than 30-seconds of your time.

  1. Call (202) 225-0600
  2. Wait through a loooong silence until it rings
  3. Press “2” to respond to the survey
  4. Listen to a message
  5. Press “1” to register your support for Obamacare
  6. When you are done, copy and paste these instructions into a new status on Facebook to share with your friends.

2 responses to “Send a message to Speaker Ryan

  1. You sadden me by not standing by what you stated when ‘it’ was running for president. Where are your principles and truths now? How can you stand behind a man that or should I say Steve Bannon KKK who is running our country. How do you sleep at night. Thought you lived by higher standards. I did not vote for Steve Bannon, I guess you did. I will do everything in my power to ensure the GOP will not have more than 4 years. If you want to clean up the swamp start with Bannon. He is going to bring this great country down. I always thought our country was great!! You have been in office, do your years mean nothing? I am committed to be at every rally , protest and at every persons door to defeat all of you! That is if I have the chance and a bomb is not dropped on our country from someone making us safe again. You are the biggest disappointment I have ever ru across. I hope you don’t destroy our country trying to get back at a great formerly president. How many votes will you get then??


  2. I’ve tried to call in twice today — both times it was busy.



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