My pitch for PBS News Hour

FOX, CNN, MSNBCToo many of us have become addicted to 24-hour news network channels: MSNBC, CNN, FOX, etc… All of these channels have inherent biases.

My pitch for The PBS News Hour – hosted at 6PM daily

I wanted to make a pitch for my favorite news program, PBS News Hour, which covers both national and international news equally (a novelty for any American news program). They open with a 5-minute overview of the leading news stories of the day followed by 4-5 more in depth stories that run approximately 6-8 minutes and include multiple stakeholders (not just those who share a similar bias or who are brought on to provoke outrage). If you find a certain story is not of interest you can quickly fast forward if you watch this on DVR as I do.

pbs-news-hour-shields-and-brooksPBS News Hour also provides an intelligent political analysis every Friday in a reoccurring discussion called Shields & Brooks, which includes syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks. These two men along with the moderator, Judy Woodruff provide an interesting discussion on 3-4 political issues of the week without shouting over each other or calling each other names. One actually walks away with not only a keener understanding of the issues but a better understanding of the opposing view.

If you find that you are getting outraged every time you watch your favorite 24-hour news network then maybe you need to evaluate why you are watching it in the first place. News shouldn’t be sensationalized or dramatic with wild music and graphics designed to elicit an emotional response and get your blood pumping. We are after all talking about news not your favorite reality TV program. Or is that what the news has become for you?

News Hour can be viewed on your local PBS affiliate at 6PM Monday – Friday.

One response to “My pitch for PBS News Hour

  1. I watch it daily.



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