Queer Boston: Mark Morrisroe

Self Portrait 1980 Source: clampart.com

Self Portrait 1980 – Source: clampart.com

Mark Morrisroe (January 10, 1959 – July 24, 1989) was an American performance artist and photographer who was born to a drug-addicted mother in Malden, MA. Due to his unhappy home life (he happened to also be a tenant of Albert DeSalvo, who would become known as the infamous “Boston Strangler”) he moved out at the age of 15 and began hustling to make ends meet.

Despite his hardships, he became known for his performances and photographs, which contributed to the development of the punk scene in Boston in the 1970s and the art world boom of the mid to late 1980s in New York City.

I had never heard about Mark until I learned that there would be an exhibit featuring some of his photos called Mark Morrisroe: Works from 1982 – 85, showing at Alexander & Bonin in NYC through December 22nd. Should you find yourself in NYC and like to see more of this remarkable man’s work, check out the exhibit before it closes next week.

One response to “Queer Boston: Mark Morrisroe

  1. Interesting tidbit! He really seems like an interesting figure!



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