George Michael dead at 53

george-michaelIt is so sad to write that it was reported earlier today that singer George Michael died at the age of 53. His publicist has said that he passed away while at home this afternoon.  Police say there were no suspicious circumstances.

George Michael had a string of infectious pop music hits that played a big part of my life. While I’ve not given him much thought recently, he holds a special place in my heart for all the memories his music has brought me over the years.

6 responses to “George Michael dead at 53

  1. So sad. He truly was a talented singer and songwriter.


  2. One of the greatest pop stars of all time. He wrote careless whisper as a teen- so deep and such a great ballad that has been remade by many including metal bands.

    Rob- I remember us at Halloween last year in ptown and dancing to freedom ’90…. what a gret song and also deep in meaning.

    I miss him and RIP George- heaven is having a big rock concert right now….


  3. Very shocking to hear. It’s been a bad year for musicians in 2016. RIP George Michael 😦


  4. I was utterly stunned when I heard this news, as well.

    I was home, actually. I was going to spend time with my forever-sister-in-law, but she had to issue a raincheck; I was honored and happy she brought me food, but I cannot wait for the cake and her amazing cafe con leche the next time I spend time with her, but I digress.

    Actually, it was my life partner who showed me the post on his Facebook page feed.

    The irony is I had only recently watched a YouTube video listing celebrities who died in 2016. Oh, dear.


  5. I’m never gonna dance again…



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