Bullfinch Crossing development by Gov’t Center

The HYM Investment Group, Government Center Garage Redevelopment, Boston RealestateThe demolition of the hideous Government Center garage is underway according to the website bldup.com. Replacing the ugly garage will be “Bulfinch Crossing”, (referred by many as Government Center Garage Redevelopment). The massive project that totals 2.9 million square feet will include a pedestrian-friendly streetscape, plaza and six mixed-use buildings on two blocks spanning 4.8 acres. The development is sandwiched between Government Center, The North End, Beacon Hill and The West End.

When fully built, there will be 800+ housing units, 200 hotel rooms, 1.15 million gross square feet of office space and 82,500 gross square feet of retail space at Bulfinch Crossing. The reconfigured garage will contain approximately 1,100 parking spaces which is significantly less than the original garage held but the transformation will hopefully be worth it.

2 responses to “Bullfinch Crossing development by Gov’t Center

  1. Hopefully it’ll be put to good use!


  2. I’ll miss the garage. Said nobody ever.



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