National Pride March is Sunday, June 11 in DC

LGBTQ rights, Washington DCI was inspired by the show of unity and the incredible numbers The Women’s March in D.C. and around the nation commanded earlier this month. I believe very strongly in the right to freedom of speech and assembly so when I heard about the National Pride March in Washington, D.C. in June Sergio and I decided we would skip Boston Pride, which happens the same weekend to travel to D.C. and add our voices to the chorus of protests.

I hope to see you in DC or marching in your home city this June

For those from Boston contemplating a similar trip, we were able to purchase American Airlines nonstop tickets for $153.00. Numerous affordable AirBnB options are also available if hotel room prices are too steep.

I hope this march inspires Pride celebrations across the United States to reach out beyond the LGBTQ community and draw in others to help make our voices heard through out the month of June. For those who in the past have reflected on the relevance of Pride and asked if it is still needed, I hope the disturbing rhetoric coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave makes it perfectly clear that Pride events remain relevant and important for our community.

lgbtq-rightsIf you have not already, contact your representatives in D.C.
Click here to contact your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives
Click here to contact your Senator in the U.S. Senate

Regardless of the position of your elected representative (supportive of LGBTQ issues / community or not) never underestimate the impact your call will have.


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