A divided America will keep Trump strong


Trump’s continued success depends on keeping Americans divided. Are we reaching out to those who supported him or may have abstained from the process entirely?

Since Trump was sworn in as President of the United States last month virtually every week there has been an outpouring of demonstrations around the country showing how divided we are as a nation. I take great comfort in seeing these demonstrations, but it is not enough.

Are we building bridges by reaching out to those individuals who voted for Trump or maybe abstained from the process entirely?

According to a recent Quinnipiac University Poll conducted just before Trump was sworn into office 48% of Americans said they support “suspending immigration from terror prone regions, even if it means turning away refugees.”  Only 42% of Americans said they opposed such a measure.  So while we may be quite vocal and hopefully the protests and rallies may be making some people rethink their views – if we only take to the streets, only talk to people with our same views and unfriend / unfollow people whom we disagree with on Social Media then are we really making any progress?

2016 Presidential election Electoral College results (apologies for cutting off AK)

2016 Presidential election Electoral College results (apologies for cutting off AK)

Make it a point to seek out those who are not part of your social circle, who share different political views and listen to them.  After you’ve done that ask them to listen to you. Have a dialog. That means you’re not conversing with them to change their mind but to open it to other points of view. You can agree to disagree; politically speaking that is nearly every conversation I have with my parents and several family members.

We should still take to the streets and call our representatives in Washington D.C., but if we never reach out beyond our circle of friends and those who think like us then our chances of changing the hearts of those who supported Trump become increasingly slim.

After you’ve talked to your neighbors and family members pick up the phone and give your elected representatives in Washington D.C. a call. Never underestimate the impact your voice will have.
Click here to contact your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives
Click here to contact your Senator in the U.S. Senate

2 responses to “A divided America will keep Trump strong


    The problem with trying to reach out to Trump supporters is they have no motivation to reach out to us since they won and it is not in their best interests to make peace. We can’t force reconciliation on them. Further, as fascism continues to spread reconciliation will be off the table and mere surviving will be the most important achievement for many of us!


    • 1 – Not everyone who voted for Trump is a “Trump supporter” 2 – Many people who initially support a candidate become disillusioned 3 – Not engaging people in discourse only further separates people and makes it easier to discount people who disagree with us.



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