Tweet of the day: Humpty Trumpty

Trump, TweetLest people think I’m being overly partisan, the son of U.S. Senator and one-time Republican nominee for president of the United States, John McCain (R-AZ) Tweet from Sunday, February 5, 2016 provides interesting insight into how many Republicans feel about President Donald Trump.

I wish all the tough talk I use to hear from Independents, Republicans and clergy about “values” and “morals” wasn’t so easily discarded. In the future when those tired old complaints are leveled against <Insert Democrat Here>, I think I’ll ask for some specifics on what they did to speak out about such character flaws about Humpty Trumpty.


2 responses to “Tweet of the day: Humpty Trumpty

  1. That photo may be the most unflattering photo of DT that I have ever seen! Now I know why Melania is staying in NYC 🙂


  2. When McCain, the man who brought us Sarah Palin seems to make sense and/ or sounds good, it is a good indication that we are in serious trouble.



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