CMIs LGBT travel and tourism survey 2016

travel tipsEach year Community Marketing Inc. (CMI) share the results of their annual LGBT travel and tourism survey. This past December findings from their 2016 survey were shared after collecting and analyzing responses from more than 4,700 people. The survey focuses on travel in the United States and is of interest to those in the travel industry as well as people like yours truly who is curious to see how LGBT travelers differ from the industry-at-large.

In CMI’s survey they found that LGBT travelers want many of the same things, for example survey respondents indicated rest and relaxation was the most important aspect of their travel but people “relax” differently. In the case of travelers who identify as gay, visiting large cities, LGBT-popular destinations and nightlife were more important than lesbian travelers. More lesbians preferred visiting nature and remaining active outdoors; not much of a surprise.

community marketing inc, gay travel

Source: CMI’s 21st Annual LGBT Travel Survey Report

The most popular destinations in the US for LGBT travelers (this includes for work and leisure) was New York City followed by San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Chicago. It was noted on CMI’s webcast (where they explained a lot of their findings) that Boston slipped for the first time out of the top 10, ranking 11th. It was also noted that interest in Seattle has increased and they tied for 8th most visited destination along with San Diego and Fort Lauderdale.

The survey provides more information about demographics, how the LGBT community spend their time and money when they travel. If this is of interest to you check out the link below that I’ve included or Google the survey to download and read all the findings from their 2016 survey.

About Survey Respondents: The majority of respondents identified as single gay men who earn less than $100,000. You can see the full breakdown of the demographics if you download their report if you find this sort of thing interesting: CMI LGBT Travel & Tourism Survey 2016.

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