Fly to the Azores for just $568 from Boston

travelFollowing my post on the CMI LGBT travel and tourism survey, I thought it would be fitting to share news about Azore Airlines sale which starts today and runs through February 28th. Their promotion which is valid for trips booked between March 27 – June 19 offer roundtrip flights from Boston to the Azores for $568 (including tax). Passengers can upgrade to Business Class for just a few hundred dollars more each way. Restrictions/blackout may dates apply in some cases. Capacity controlled and subject to availability.

Madeira Island in the Azores is approximately 750 miles southwest of Lisbon off the coast of Africa. Red volcanic cliffs that rise dramatically from the sea characterize Madeira’s fascinating landscape. The islands steep rise creates six unique climate zones, each with its own beautiful flora and fauna that contribute to the comparison of Madeira with Hawaii.

Azores Airlines, part of the SATA Group. For more information about booking flights visit

2 responses to “Fly to the Azores for just $568 from Boston

  1. I haven’t been to the Azores but I have been to Madeira. Its a beautiful island. VERY short run way!


  2. Since you liked Portugal so much, I can recommend a trip to the Azores. I visited Sao Miguel in August 2015 for a week. For such a small island it has an amazing diversity. I’d recommend a geological tour, too, to learn about the volcanism, etc.
    One correction, though. Madeira isn’t one of the Azores. The Azores are a completely separate archipelago 1350 km due west of Portugal.



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