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donald-trumpI was talking to my brother last week and we both agreed that one good thing that has resulted from a Trump presidency is a political activism that neither of us have seen or felt before. A great example of this is Grab Your Wallet, which got a nice shout out from last week’s Sunday New York Times.

Grab Your Wallet has organized like-minded individuals to reach out to specific contacts at key retailers where the Trump brand is sold. Last month Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus removed Ivanka Trump’s name from their websites and employees at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls were instructed not to display her products and remove signage with her name on it. Grab Your Wallet was not cited by these retailers by name when they indicated sales had dropped, but it is hard to imagine all those letters and calls didn’t rattle retailers.

boycott trump

Grab Your Wallet website now includes a list of places to consider boycotting as well as a short script if you want to voice your concerns. With as many as 32,000 people visiting the website an hour, Grab Your Wallet is one of many grassroots organizations affecting change and it has the attention of the White House as Kellyanne Conway proved when she tried to prop up Ivanka’s brand by illegally hawking Ivanka Trump’s products after it was dropped by Nordstrom.

Sample letter or call you can make from Grab Your Wallet
Hi I am a customer of [Insert Retailer’s Name]. Unfortunately, I can no longer do business with your company because it does business with the Trump family. If your company were to no longer do business with the Trump family I would enthusiastically return as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to management.

If you’d like to see what organizations are recommended to boycott and get personal email addresses or phone numbers of key contacts at those organizations to let your voice be heard, visit:

If you’d like to read the full article, which inspired me to write this post visit, The Anti-Trump Activist Taking on Trump

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UPDATE: I would encourage everyone to reach out to retailers, because they are taking note (see my correspondence with LL Bean below). I’m convinced that Donald Trump cares more about his brand than anything else. Boycotting those who do business with the Trump family sends a very direct and personal message to the president.

grab your wallet, boycott Trump

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  1. Interesting PR tactics here



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