LGBT group denied to march in Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

gay boston, lgbt rightsIn case you missed it, today’s Boston Globe is reporting something I read on Facebook last night, but didn’t believe (this is the age of fake news after all).

It appears that the Gay veterans group (OUTVETS), which has marched in the two previous St. Patrick’s Day parades in Boston is saying it was denied spot in South Boston parade later this month.

OUTVETS posted a statement on its Facebook page late Tuesday. Ed Flynn, a South Boston resident and a member of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council — the parade’s organizer — confirmed that the group did not receive approval to participate in the March 19th parade.

Thus far neither Mayor Walsh nor Governor Baker have commented and the organizers of the parade which voted 9-4 against allowing the veterans group to march in the parade had not returned emails by the time the article published.

Follow the OUTVETS facebook page for updates.

You can read the full Boston Globe article here.

5 responses to “LGBT group denied to march in Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

  1. It’s outrageous that this is the kind of country we live in these days….UNBELIEVABLE.


  2. This is an outrage!


  3. I thought Boston and Mass were the best places to live for the LGBTs but, yet, when the underbelly of society rises to power, all manner of respect for your fellow person is out the window.


    • No place is perfect. This parade is privately owned and they can do as they wish. I’d still stack MA up against any other state when it comes to quality of life and LGBT rights.


  4. The group has the right to exclude – it is settled law by the US Supreme Court — Hurley v. Irish-American Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Group of Boston.

    Respondent Tim Daley was my roommate at the time of the litigation – still very good friends.
    Wacko Hurley may be dead but his hatred lives on. Sad.



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