Bucket list of things to do in Boston

christian science plazaFriend and regular reader, Dan K., forward me an article from 2016 entitled, The Boston Bucket List: 33 Things to do before you die, which I had fun reading. Although I think the list should say, 29 Things to do before you die since #4, #25 #26 and #29 do not take place in Boston.

I thought the list was really well done and of the 33 items, I can say that I’ve done 20 of them.  Two of the suggestions, #15: Run the Boston Marathon and #28: Row The Head of the Charles Regatta ain’t ever going to happen, but I think I  should get partial credit for attending and cheering on runners / rowers.

How many of the 33 Things can you say you’ve done and more interestingly, what was left off their list that you would add? I came up with the following:

Attend the annual 4th of July celebration at the Hatch Shell
Attend Shakespeare on the Common
Go to the top of the Boston Custom House Tower
Go to the Beanpot Hockey tournament
Bike / run / walk the Emerald Necklace


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