Restaurant review: Brunch at Russell House Tavern

Harvard Square, restaurant reviewRecently, Sergio and I ventured across the river into Cambridge and had brunch at the Russell House Tavern in the heart of Harvard Square.

Ever since the Russell House Tavern opened back in 2010 it has been a popular destination for after work drinks and dinner, but we had never tried their brunch so I was happy to have a chance to visit. The restaurant’s 80s pop music which played throughout the morning provided a nice soundtrack to our brunch. With regards to their brunch menu, even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something they like and for those on a budget, this will not break the bank (most items range from $10-$13).

While the menu includes its share of savory selections both Sergio and I focused on the sweeter options on their menu, but rest assured the menu includes eggs benedict, omelettes and more if you prefer saltier options in the review

While I normally get eggs when I go out for brunch something about the “torched banana” was calling to me and I’m glad I tried it. The sizable portion of granola, strawberries and banana rested on a fair amount of Greek Yogurt. While not exactly the healthiest of meals, I enjoyed the fresh fruit, yogurt and granola.

Brunch, restaurant review

However, my order paled in comparison to the Nutella stuffed French toast that Sergio ordered. The brioche used for the bread was cut in the middle and slathered with ample Nutella, making a decadent breakfast even more so. The combination of the bread, Nutella and banana would have been too much for me if it hadn’t been for my coffee, but the sugary overload didn’t prevent us from eating everything on the plate.

BosGuy Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, Good.

Russell House Tavern restaurant rating

Russell House Tavern


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