Lawn on D is now open

Boston public park, Southie Park

Lawn on D opened Monday, May 1, 2017 

One of Boston’s coolest parks, Lawn on D, opened this Monday, May 1, 2017 and as with each year it seems like the park offers something new to attract people to this patch of green surrounded by concrete.

Probably the biggest change (for the better) is that the Lawn on D now has a liquor license through their full-service bar, starting today, Thursday, May 4th. No surprise that the addition of alcohol has also led to an upgrade and changes with food options so check it out this weekend.

Lawn on D

Large Chess Set at Hotel Brava in Buzios, Brazil

Look for new games to play like giant chess – perhaps like the set Sergio and I played when we were in Buzios, Brazil.  Additionally Lawn on D will also have lawn checkers and a HUGE version of Connect Four.


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