Boston area farmer’s markets

Handsome asian guy, hunkOver the past few years the opportunity to purchase fresh meats, breads, fruits, produce and other food from local vendors has become easier in Boston. It was two years ago next month that the very nice Boston Public Market opened, but that is hardly the only option in and around the city.

I stumbled upon a Greater Boston Farmers Markets Google calendar that lists so many area farmer’s markets you are bound to find one near you. It does omit one of the larger Farmer’s Markets: The SoWa Farmer’s Market, which is in my neighborhood and is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM – 4PM May through October.

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One response to “Boston area farmer’s markets

  1. Awesome – I especially like the calendar link – I’ve added it to my Google Calendar. I also do a food share from Allendale Farm in Chestnut Hill. I split a 1/2 share with a friend every Tuesday.



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