This week on Instagram: kevincarnell

Instagram, Kevin CarnellThis week I’m featuring the Instagram account of a handsome, out and proud male model who I believe lives in Miami at the moment, Kevin Carnell. When I was writing this post I Googled his name and read that Buzzfeed once described Kevin’s IG account as “a gift to you and the world” and I’m inclined to agree.

Most of Kevin’s photos are of him enjoying the beach but this past spring he ventured to Cuba and has some beautiful photos of his travels sprinkled in between photos of Kevin in a speedo. Check out his IG. I think you’ll like it.

Follow him on Instagram here,

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One response to “This week on Instagram: kevincarnell

  1. clutch the pearls. What a beautiful man. I just went and followed him. We can all always enjoy a little more eye candy in our lives. Thank you for sharing this delightful morsel with us!! 😘



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