America’s secular credo and Lady Liberty

We would all do well to remember America’s secular credo that was inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, because a 21st century strain of xenophobia has reared its ugly head in American politics. While it is easy to blame President Trump, remember that his policies are supported by millions of Americans so on the eve of 4th of July celebrations let’s make a commitment to strike up a conversation with someone who either supports the President’s unAmerican ban on refugees and immigrants or to reengage someone who didn’t vote in the last election.

No matter how passionate the case is made, opposing someone doesn’t turn an undecided or disenfranchised voter into a supporter. It is time to stop all the political rants. While they may feel cathartic only people who already agree with you are listening and more than likely you are turning off disenfranchised voters. We need to start engaging in meaningful and respectful dialog with others we may disagree with or who have turned a deaf ear to politics.

One response to “America’s secular credo and Lady Liberty

  1. He made me stand up and sallute!



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