Gay men’s camping group

gay bostonDo you enjoy camping? Did you know there is a local group that regularly plans camping trips around New England for gay men only? This group of nearly 500 members recently created a Facebook page that I would like to encourage you to visit and like:

Gay Men Camping is a social outdoor adventure group for gay men of all ages including singles, couples and friends who appreciate nature, hiking, backpacking and have a passion for exploring the outdoors. This is a non-sexual social group to make new friends of every age. A get-together for singles to meet other singles, for events to do with your gay male friends and for couples looking for a social getaway.  No worries if you are a camping novice. All are welcome.

gay bostonUpcoming camping trips include:
Friday, July 28th:  Wompatuck State Park 🌳 Hingham, MA
Friday, August 18th: Harold Parker State Forest 🌳 Andover, MA
Sunday, August 27th: Private Island 🎣 Royalston, MA


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