Is America greater today than it was a year ago?

This past week was not a very good week for President Trump but then again it is hard to think of a ‘good week’ since Trump was sworn into office. Unsurprisingly the bad press has not deterred his core supporters (approximately 35% if one is to believe polls that consistently show his support in this range). I presume some of those who support Trump would point to his leadership in business and a perception he is making America stronger, but it is hard to follow this logic.

Executives Flee Trump and Allies Mock Him

In the past week Trump’s business advisory councils have disbanded after an embarrassing exodus of executives. (I wish there was more reporting on the fact that Trump cannot seem to work with business leaders.) Couple that with the fact that in less than 7 months Trump has also managed to alienate or offend some of our longest and strongest allies and it is hard to understand how we are “stronger” than we were a year earlier.

Increasingly Negative Global Perceptions of America  

I find it depressing to see the cover of Der Spiegel mirroring  recent covers by Time, The New Yorker and even The Economist. I can spot a trend when I see one and this is not a helpful or hopeful trajectory for America. I’m curious how Republicans in Congress will work with Trump when they return to DC in September. They have a very busy calendar with important topics to be discussed ranging from raising the debt ceiling to tax reform. If something (anything) gets done, how will the electorate respond? The 2018 campaign season will be upon us before we realize it and this new normal of illustrating our President as a Nazi or KKK sympathizer cannot be good for anyone – least of all the United States.

One response to “Is America greater today than it was a year ago?

  1. Sadly, America has become a very compromised player on both the domestic and world stages. The current POTUS acts out like a petulant child. He has damaged long time alliances with just about every country on he face of the map that we have diplomatic ties to.

    He is a racist, xenophobe, cheat and a bigot (140 characters at a time.) Last week he confirmed this in the way he mishandled the Charlottesville domestic terror attacks. His Tweets about boston were comprised of spelling and grammatical errors.

    He is a pathological liar.

    He constantly criticized former President Obama for not being a natural United States citizen and that the 44th POTUS took too many vacations and played golf too much.

    The contradiction is stunning – the 45th POTUS has been on more vacations and golf outings through July 2017 than former President Obama did not even come close to the amount of time already taken in his entire first year.

    It is odd that the majority of his outings are at properties he/his company own – he is making a killing. He charges the Secret Service rent at tRump Tower, charges for sleeping rooms at his properties (at the GSA approved rate – what a sport!! – he also charges them to rent golf carts. The Secret Service and FBI have already exhausted their agency’s budget allotment – it was to take care of the entire year 2017 – up until 31 December 2017

    It goes on and on and on. His main goal appears to undo everything the “black guy” did – he is doing it solo via “Executive Order” as he can not get Congress to work with him – the know bullshit when they see and smell it.

    But he wants to slash and burn funding to several agencies including Social Security, anything remotely to anything that involves science or the Affordable Healthcare Act – all so he can hand out huge tax cuts to million and billionaires – including himself

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