Boston’s newest (and coolest) cafe: Explorateur

Explorateur opened earlier this month in Boston’s historic Masonic Lodge at the corner of Boylston and Tremont Street. The new space overlooks a busy corner of the Boston Common where you can grab breakfast and lunch in their cafe or dinner in their restaurant seven days a week.

They describe themselves as a community-focused, all-day dining, European styled cafe, bar and restaurant. The cafe is filled with long community tables that let you spread out (which also conveniently have outlets) as well as smaller cafe-style tables where you can sit quietly with a friend to catch up. Eater Boston has some great photos of Explorateur’s interior here.

Strictly for research purposes of this blog I ordered a few bites from the cafe. In addition to the typical sweets and pastries you would expect the cafe provides heartier options for breakfast including omelets, pancakes and a chocolate-hazelnut French toast (that I’ll have to try on my next visit). The coffee, quiche and breakfast sandwich were all very good although the orange juice (not shown) was a bit off so perhaps stick to fully caffeinated beverages if you try the cafe.Explorateur BostonStop by and check out this great space and let me know what you think of Explorateur.  I’ll reserve a proper review for a future dinner in their restaurant.

186 Tremont Street || Boston, MA

2 responses to “Boston’s newest (and coolest) cafe: Explorateur

  1. Looks like a very nice place to visit. I will have to the next time I make it back to Boston from Tucson. I love seeing that they have a lunch counter to sit at. Sadly, they are disappearing.


  2. I stumbled upon it this past week. It is charming and offers a very robust cafe menu.



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