Boston’s HUBweek 2017 is October 10-15th

HUBweek (October 10-15) is a festival for the future that celebrates innovation  in art, science and technology. HUBweek will kick off with events taking place all across the city, but will be centered on Boston’s City Hall Plaza, which will be transformed into a first-of-its-kind festival site. Filled with 80 shipping containers, dozens of art installations, and 6 geodesic domes, HUBweek will bring toether thousands of artists, innovators, and creators from across Boston, and the globe.

Join thought leaders like Malcolm Gladwell, Deepak Chopra, Atul Gawande and more; connect with 100+ of Boston’s most impactful start-ups; and interact with Boston’s creative economy and those who are helping rethink Boston’s future.

I’ve registered (it is free BTW) to attend, MIT IDE Inclusive Innovation Challenge Celebration, Leading for Creativity, and I’d encourage you to look throgh the full list of meetings, discussion groups and sessions available.

Learn more here:


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