Mayor Marty Walsh meets Sergio

Marty Walsh and Sergio This past week, while I was in New York for work Mayor Marty Walsh hosted a fundraiser at Club Cafe to talk to the LGBTQ community, and as you can see Sergio was able to meet the Mayor, who was only too happy to pose with his custom shirt, “LGBTQ 4 Marty”.

Boston’s Gay community is often criticized for many things it is not; it’s not friendly; it doesn’t have a great night life; it doesn’t have a neighborhood; etc… but one thing nearly everyone can agree is that Boston’s LGBTQ community can raise money and deliver votes.

Below are a couple photos from the event at Club Cafe that the Committee to Elect Marty Walsh shared with me. Below those photos, I have also included a link where you can get more information about the citywide elections, that take place the first Tuesday of November.

Photos below are courtesy of the Committee to Elect Marty Walsh

Municipal elections will take place on Tuesday, November 7th. For more information about voting visit,

One response to “Mayor Marty Walsh meets Sergio

  1. We are blessed with him as Mayor. Just as we were with Tom Menino.



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