Andy Murray brilliantly mocks Donald Trump

Earlier this week Donald Trump tweeted that he’d taken a pass at being named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2017 because he’d have to agree to being interviewed and a photo shoot. Before I share how tennis pro, Andy Murray, brilliantly mocked Trump, I have to say that the idea Donald Trump would turn down the opportunity to be interviewed and photographed is beyond laughable. I’ve never seen a politician who craves the spotlight more than President Trump.

Andy Murray obviously feels the same way because he quickly shared a Tweet poking fun at Donald Trump, which quickly went viral; shared more than 26,000 times within the first eight hours of it being posted online..Murray’s Tweet was appreciated by other notable athletes like Raphael Nadal who quickly responded to Andy Murray, commending his wit. 

One response to “Andy Murray brilliantly mocks Donald Trump

  1. Dog Life magazine called my dog Buddy today to let him know there is a strong possibility that he will be on the December 2017 cover. The caveat is they need to do a photo shoot and interview all of his Yorkie friends. He has declined. Here is a link to the mock-up of the cover they sent today 😁



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