How Gabe Kapler’s body image helped gay male sports fans

Boston Red SoxI wanted to highlight an article about body image and feeling comfortable in your own skin after reading an article earlier this month on the OUT Sports blog which featured former Red Sox outfielder and the next manager of the professional baseball team, Philadelphia Phillies.

Gabe “The Babe” Kapler (as I often referred to him) was featured in the blog’s post, Why new Phillies manager Gabe Kapler was important to gay male sports fansWhile I don’t know if I agree with all their points, I do agree that Gabe has an amazing body and has always been happy to pose shirtless. In an age where athletes continue to train to build endurance and avoid injury, Kapler was the rare professional baseball player with a great physique who liked to show it off.  While he is happily married with two teenage children, if my memory serves me correct he was a great advocate for his wife when she spoke out about domestic violence (something she had to contend with in a previous relationship) in addition to being socially accepting of LGBTQ issues.

3 responses to “How Gabe Kapler’s body image helped gay male sports fans

  1. THAT will be our new baseball manager????? WOO HOO! YEAH BABY YEAH!


  2. BosGuy, you did something that I never thought I would do; read something about sports!

    For the record, I do not hate sports; I simply feel that, unless and until teachers and counselors are paid, at the very least, half as much as professional athletes, then my money shall not go to professional sports attendance, merchandise, etc.

    Now more than ever, body image is an important topic, especially with Gay Men. After all, all of us do not look the same, nor are we meant to look the same.

    Personally, I LOVE attending both the Bear Yoga and Bear Massage Night Events with PawedNYC, and doing so has not only made me physically healthier, but emotionally healthier, as well.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading about the late and great Gabe Kapler (and although the shirtless guy holding the baseball bat above his head is attractive, I think Gabe Kapler was more attractive; what can I say, I think dark-haired men are much more attractive. And yes, that IS an unbiased opinion).

    I definitely want to reread the article in the link you provided, simply because I skimmed it prior to writing this comment.

    However, for now, I can honestly say that I enjoyed skimming the article, and look forward to actually fully reading it. If that is not a testament to your excellent blogging and writing skills–to actually get ME, of all people, interested in reading a sports-related article–then I do not know what is.



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