Massage at étant makes for a great holiday gift

south end spaétant is a neighborhood spa that has been in the South End since 1998, and I recently reviewed the spa when I took my father there for a 30-minute aromatherapy hand and foot massage for the two of us (you can read all about it here). As I said in my review, although 30-minute massage isn’t cheap, it is a more affordable option than a full body massage, making it a great treat if you’re on a budget. However, for those who are looking for more pampering étant offers an array of massage therapies in addition to facials, waxing, etc… On this particular trip I opted for a 1-hour Swedish Full Body Aromatherapy Massage ($120/60-minutes or $160/90-minutes).

A massage makes for a great gift for that hard to buy guy

There is something wonderfully relaxing about walking into a spa. The entire mood inside seems light years away from the hustle and bustle happening outside its doors and walking into étant is no exception. Jeanne greeted me with a smile as I walked up to the reception desk and offered me some water while I waited. A few minutes later my massage therapist, John Koran, walked in, introduced himself and guided me to the room for my massage. In less than 10-minutes I was on the massage table. With each knot that John worked out of my shoulders and back I started to relax more and more until I realized I had dozed off (something I tend to do off and on throughout any good massage I receive).

It is hard to describe how good I feel, mind, body and soul after a quality massage. If you’ve never had a massage I’d really encourage you to try it; and if it has been a while use the holiday season as an excuse to pamper yourself. étant provides consistently quality service and has a professional staff. My only critique is that I wish they had larger facilities that included saunas, lockers and showers for after a massage, but check it out and decide for yourself. étant is located at 524 Tremont Street in the South End and online at

BosGuy Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, Awesome.

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