Boston Globe’s scathing article about the Seaport

The Seaport is comprised of approximately 1,000 acres and for most of the second half of the 20th century the land was overlooked and neglected. But for the past 10-15 years Boston’s newest neighborhood has transformed into a second financial district and home for million dollar glass condos.

While everyone is happy to see the city revitalize prime real estate, The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team took a closer look at the neighborhood and shared some of their findings in this article, A brand new Boston, even whiter than the old. The Spotlight Team found that this neighborhood, is really only for the white and affluent (89% white and only 3% black). The Seaport may as well be a gated community in Alabama for all the racial diversity you’ll find there.

While I understand that developers can make far more money selling $2million condos or building office buildings, The Globe team reminds us that more than $18 billion of public funding was used to transform this land so it seems like Boston should be able to do better in making space for more of its population and creating a neighborhood that is more racially and economically diverse.

The Seaport’s story is still unfolding and there is much more development that will happen over the next decade. I hope that excellent reporting like this article in The Boston Globe will get the attention of Mayor Marty Walsh, our City Council and Massport so they can work to reconcile this and insist on development that will make the Seaport a more diverse neighborhood.

You can read the full article online here: A brand new Boston, even whiter than the old.

2 responses to “Boston Globe’s scathing article about the Seaport

  1. The city should have let Fidelity develop it. The Johnson family would have helped keep prices fair.


  2. Long time reader, first time commentator. I recently moved to the Seaport, renting an apartment knowing that it’s overpriced. The Globe stating that $18+ billion of tax payer money was invested to create the Seaport area, I’m declaring shenanigans. They calculated the $18+ billion by included the total costs to clean up the harbor at $4.7B, the total costs of building the Ted Williams tunnel at $12B and the total cost of building the convention center at $800M. The entire city and metropolitan area benefit from those projects, not just one neighborhood. I 100% agree that Boston has a race issue and I applaud the Globe for taking on the topic, but there is development taking place all over the city and this was a missed opportunity to look at the whole picture.

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