Boston Gay Men’s Bookclub meets January 22nd

Boston Book FestivalBoston Gay Men’s Book Club will be meeting in a couple of weeks on Monday, January 22nd at the Trident Bookseller & Cafe in the Back Bay to discuss this month’s novel, Paul Takes The Form of a Mortal Girl, by Andrea Lawlor.

The debut novel from Lawlor puts a fantasy spin on gender and sex as the reader follows Paul, a bartender with shapeshifting abilities who uses his malleable appearance to explore humanity and intimacy through sex. Winding his way through the heyday of ’90s queer culture, Paul begins to question his motives, his future, and the true nature of his identity in this clever, provocative tale.

The book can be purchased online at major resellers but you may also buy this at local bookstores. If you’re open to supporting local bookstores try one of these links, which will take you right to the book so you can make a quick purchase.

Brookline Booksmith 279 Harvard Street by Coolidge Corner
Harvard Bookstore  1256 Mass Ave in Harvard Square
Papercuts JP 5 Green Street, Jamaica Plain
Porter Square Bookstore 25 White Street in Porter Square
Trident Bookseller’s & Cafe 338 Newbury Street in Back Bay

For more information about the book club or to RSVP to attend (there is no cost) visit,


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